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Barista Tools

Barista Shot Glass

15 ml – 60 ml

Barista Shot Glass 15ml – 60ml

Get your extraction right every single time

Take out the guess work of your espresso and let the numbers help you setting up your shots exactly right. With this affordable shot glass you easily ensure the optimum extraction.

  • Volume markings 15ml – 60ml and 0.5 ounces to 2 ounces
  • Material: glass
  • Handwash only (to avoid markings fade)
  • Made in Italy

We recommend to buy two barista shot glasses. This way you ensure the extraction is consistent for both spouts. Buy two and save 12%


Rhinowares Dual Spout Shot Glass

accuracy +/- 5%

Dual Spout Shotglass

To get that perfect shot

  • Marked volume lines
  • Great for measuring espresso extraction
  • Up to +/- 5% accuracy
  • Strong glass
  • Comfortable on the hands
  • Volume: 70ml/2.4oz





Rhinowares shot glass

+/- 5% accuracy

Rhinowares Shot Glass

Measure your extraction

Take out the guess work and make sure you start your day with the perfect extraction.
The Rhinowares shot glass is known for its durability and design. Built to survive this century.


Buy two and save 10%


Barista Space Coffee Funnel



Coffee Catcha


Coffee Catcha

Coffee Catcher by Coffee Catcha

High altitude, shade-grown, hand-picked organic coffee should be converted into a delicious brew not into waste.

Use this ingenious little device to reduce coffee waste and keep a consistent dose.

  • Saves coffee waste (between 8 – 10%)
  • Increase dosage consistency
  • Fits a 58mm portafilter



Stainless Steel Milk Jug

350ml | 600ml | 1000ml

Milk Jug

Stainless Steel Barista Milk Jugs

With spout to control milk pouring, the solid stainless steel construction is an excellent medium for feeling the temperature of the milk as your prepare it

Available in:




from $14.70

Barista Gear Milk Jug

350ml | 450ml | 600ml

Milk Jugs – Multicoloured

Barista Gear Milk Jug

These stainless steel polished Titanium Latte art Milk Jugs are the perfect gift for the next latte art champion or yourself. The jugs are not only very eye catching their design is the reason why they are used at many professional barista competitions. So no matter if you like a simply better looking cafe set up or step up your Latte Art game, these are simply great to have.


  • Brand: Barista Gear
  • High grade stainless steel polished Titanium
  • Available size: 350ml, 450ml, 600ml
  • Sharp spout for the perfect pour


from $55.20

Rhino Pro Milk Pitcher

600ml | 950ml

Rhino Pro Milk Pitcher

Milk pitcher for the busy barista

  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • High volume
  • Smooth pouring spout, perfect for latte art

Volume: 600ml/20oz or 950ml/32oz

from $26.45

Solid Aluminum Coffee Tamper


Coffee Tamper 58 mm – Aluminium

Solid Aluminium Tamper

This aluminium tamper has the look and feel of steel. It has an ergonomic design and is heavy enough to tamp with ease.

  • Dimension: 58 mm
  • Brand: Motta
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Do not was in dishwashers
  • Made in Italy


Dynamometric Coffee Tamper

for constant tamping pressure

Dynamometric Coffee Tamper

Constant Tamp Pressure

With this dynamometric coffee tamper you can calibrate your tamping pressure between min 15kg and max 21kg.

  • Press until you hear the click
  • Material: Aluminum body, stainless steel tamper
  • Min tamping pressure 15kg
  • Max tamping pressure 21kg


Rhino Gear Black Tamper



Gain greater control of your extraction with one of these Tampers. Simple design, a great feeling wooden/anodised aluminium handle to choose from, with a solid stainless steel base.

Available Models:

Black Tamper 58mm



Wooden Coffee Tamper


Wooden Coffee Tamper

Motta Coffee Tamper

Solid, heavy Italian made coffee tamper. One of the finest and used by many professionals.
Beautiful brown wood with heavy high grade stainless steel tamp.

About this coffee tamper:

  • 58mm
  • Stainless steel with wood
  • Made in Italy


Espresso Leveling Tool

equally distributes your coffee grounds
Out Of Stock

Motta Espresso Leveler

Motta Barista Leveling Tool


  • Evenly redistribute your coffee ground in your 58mm portafilter
  • Create more consistent extractions
  • Heavy and solid built
  • Made of stainless steel
  • For 58mm
  • Made in Italy


Milk Thermometer

-10 – 100 degrees Celcius

Milk Thermometer

No body ever cried over burnt milk .. oh no wait, yes they did! Overheated milk has been putting a sour taste in the mouths of coffee drinkers for years.

Get it right every time and steam your way to milky perfection with a milk thermometer.


Home Bench Coffee Knock Box

by Joe Frex©

Coffee Knock Box – Home Bench

Joe Frex© Home Bench Coffee Knock Box

  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Extremely easy to empty
  • Durable Thermoplastic material
  • Heavily damped knock bar (reduces noise)
  • Dimensions: 120mm (w) * 100mm (h)
  • Available colours: Black & Red



Commercial Bench Top Knock Box

sturdy & easy to empty

Dump Box Bench Top

Commercial Bench Knock Box

Very convenient knock box and thanks to its size easy to empty.
Built to last and simply perfect if you don’t have the floor space.


Commercial Knock Box (standing)

don’t forget your splashguard


Pallo Coffee Grinds Brush

for the tidy barista

Grinds brush

Coffee grinds – the glitter of the espresso world. It gets everywhere so grab a grinds brush with bristles soft enough to tame the “grindiest” of work benches!


Latte Art Pen

create perfect latte art designs and patterns

Latte Art Pen – Aluminium

Gadget for the perfectionist 

Create perfect latte art designs and patterns.

  • Made from solid food grade aluminium
  • Dimensions: 12 mm diameter and 17cm long
  • Product fom Joe Frex©
  • Made in Germany


Edge Tamping Mat

all in one solution

Tamping Mat

Perfectly Designed Tamping Mat

Keep your workplace tidy with this edge tamp mat from Joe Frex©.
The design holds your 58mm tamper and allows you to keep your tamper straight while tamping.

  • Material: silicon
  • Create to put on the edge of your bench



Barista Essentials

Pallo Cleaning Tool

a must have

Pallo Cleaning tool

Pallo Coffee Tool Brush

The pallo coffee tool brush is the all in one gadget to keep your espresso machine essentials clean.
Use the brush to clean your group heads and the smart “needle” to keep your steam wand free of milk.
The scoop is perfect to dose your cleaning product for back flushing.

Do you have an espresso machine? Then you simply cannot do without this one!


Pallo Replacement Bristles

contains three bristles

Pallo Replacement Bristles

We all get a little frazzled and worn out when we work too hard, that’s why you need to replace your Pallo cleaning tool heads once and a while.

Packet of three replacement heads.


Knock Bar Wood

for commercial knock box


Knock Bar Plastic

for sound reduction


Cafetto Evo Coffee Cleaner

organic certified

Cafetto Evo

Cafetto Evo espresso machine cleaner.

Cafetto Evo is the first espresso machine cleaner to be certified by an organic certification body. It is the safe, high performance cleaner for professional espresso machines using organic coffee.

Comes in a 500g and 1kg container.

from $15.54

Dump Box Large Bags

for commercial knock box


Grind Tube Bags

30 bags


Splash Guard

for commercial knock box