Why is organic coffee better than regular coffee?

Organic coffee is better because it is free of pesticides, artificial flavours, artificial colours and preservatives. Organic coffee is grown using 100% natural fertilisers which makes the coffee more nutritious. Increased anti-oxidants, vitamins & nutrients bring with it several health benefits like improved immunity.

100% Organic Roasted Coffee in New Zealand

Organic Coffee grows organically in natural balanced eco-systems where native trees, bird life and insects all contribute to full flavoured organic coffee beans. Organically grown means that our coffee is free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This reduces the risk of harmful chemical ingestion and risks of drinkwater pollution and poisoning of coffee farmers at origin.

Organic coffee plants’ roots grow deeper and suck up more nutrients and create healthier and tastier coffee beans. Organic coffee beans are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system and protect you from disease

Organic coffee is not only better for you, it is also better for our planet and the coffee farmers at origin. The absence of chemicals means that farmers are not exposed to toxic chemicals and poisoning. Their drinkwater will not be polluted and there is better access to organic companion crops. Resulting in a healthier diet and lifestyle.

The abundance of native trees at organic coffee plantations sequester significant amounts of carbon fighting climate change whilst their roots protect the plantations from soil erosion caused by drought and heavy rainfall. This offers a more stable climate for coffee farmers and less risk to lose their source of income. Keeping communities together.

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