Astoria – Storm

Very high-end machine used by discerning barista and championships, taking Europe by a Storm

The ultimate in style and ergonomics for optimum high-volume coffee making. Building on the proven Astoria P4U technology adding great style and barista driven ergonomically design with some additional features like:

  • Two cool touch steam wands with joystick that froth brilliantly
  • Oversized drip tray with adjustable height
  • Very quiet operation
  • “Dry” steam creating very consistent frothed milk
  • Ultimate extraction control with various programable variables and clear feedback of the extraction
  • Low positioning allowing interaction between barista and client
  • Great temperature and pressure stability
  • STORM FRC allows to manually set the extraction curve (regulate extraction pressure)

Astoria Plus 4 You – 3 Group

Reliable high-volume machine with proven double boiler technology

Technical features:

  • Solid built, quiet machines with proven technology for reliable operation

  • 3 groups coffee machine, with separate boilers for each group (on/off each group)

  • Separate temperature control for each group and steam boiler (+/- 1ºC).

  • Digital display controlling each group. Plenty of features and settings like temperature, coffee counter, stopwatch, extraction curve etc

  • Programmable electronic dosage, including pre-infusion

  • Independent 3200W steam boiler in AISI 316 stainless Steel (13 liters). Plasma-welded both inside and out

  • High performance 200-litre volumetric pump. Constant pressure even after a long and simultaneous use of the groups

  • Powerful steam (2 x 10 mm steam wand, heat proof, stainless steel) with traditional compression valves

  • Built in sliding cup stands

  • Hot water tap operated by solenoid and with temperature control

  • Led lighting in the working area

  • Thermal insulation on boiler (steam/water) and coffee groups giving overall high thermal stability

  • Colour choices: Chrome & Black, Chrome & White bodywork

  • 6700W, 32A/240V, weight 104 kg, 1075mm L x 565mm W x 575mm H

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