Ascaso Barista T Plus


Well designed high-volume espresso machine with very stable extraction

  • Easy to operate joy-stick steam wand levers
  • Hot water temperature control
  • Thermal insulation on boiler (steam/water) and coffee groups giving high thermal stability
  • Additional manual on/off group switch
  • Active cup warmer
  • Wood accessories
  • Chromed legs. Great thickness
  • Smart double boiler technology saving up to 50% energy
  • Two group coffee machine with multi-group technology (on/off each group)
  • Thermodynamic groups. Water temperature regulated in the group head with separate heating element
  • PID control (+/- 0.1 °C) for each group and steam boiler (+/- 0.1 °C)
  • Digital display in each group. Plenty of features like extraction time counter, temperature, stopwatch
  • Programmable electronic dosage, including pre-infusion
  • Independent 3500W steam boiler AISI 316 stainless steel boiler (8 liters). Plasma welded both inside and out
  • Thermal insulation coffee (coffee groups) and energy efficiency
  • High performance 200-litre volumetric pump. Constant pressure even after long simultaneous use of the groups.
  • Powerful steam capacity
  • Great temperature and pressure stability
  • Quiet operation
  • Led lightning in the working area
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • Two group: 4500W, 20A/240V, weight 71 kg, 700mm L x 535mm W x 475mm H
  • Three group: 6500W, 20A/240V, weight 85 kg, 920mm L x 535mm W x 475mm H

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