Clever Coffee Dripper


The Small Clever Coffee Dripper

This coffee dripper is beloved by many professionals and is the perfect coffee dripper if you like a full flavoured brew.
The process is easy, consistent and actually a lot of fun.

How to use the small clever coffee dripper:

  • Insert a rinsed paper filter
  • Add approximately 18 gram of coffee and combine this with 300 ml water
  • Allow the coffee and water to extract for about 3 – 4 minutes
  • Place the dripper in your favourite mug and let Iscaac Newton do the rest

We don’t think we have to explain what you should do next

Prior to this process you might want to order some coffee: click here


  • Very clean coffee extraction
  • Easy and consistent brewing method
  • Designed to survive this century
  • Easy to clean

Tip: Watch the video below for more information


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