Compak E8 OD Flat Burr


High volume on-demand grinder

Technical Features:

  • On demand, precise dosing
  • Easy to set and adjust on demand grinder with good grind consistency

  • 2 – 4 seconds for double shot dosing
  • Good cooling of motor and burrs

  • Easy and fast touch screen adjustments
  • FLAT BURRS 83 MM with highest productivity: 7 gr in 1.6 seconds. Durability of 800 Kg.

  • CONTINUOUS MICROMETRIC ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM Set the grind point with maximum precision in a very simple and intuitive way

  • Three position switch to allow easy manual operation

  •  Adjustable height universal porta filter holder with grind guide to minimise wastage

  • Solid 610W, 1290 rpm
  • Built-in grind funnel with little waste
  • 635mm high, 1.7kg hopper, 13kg



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