Origin: Coopchebi Coop, Chanchamayo, Peru 1500 meters above sea level, shade grown, bird-friendly forested plantations.

Variety: Geisha is an heirloom variety which loves organic growing conditions. The beans are sun-dried to get all richness from the coffee.

Roaster’s Notes: Ideal coffee for filter/plunger & cold brews. Jasmine aroma, sweet plum, strawberry & honey flavour with sweet citrus aftertaste.

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IncaFé are very proud to be able to bring you one of the most prized coffee varieties in the world – Geisha.

A rare and ancient strain of Arabica coffee that originates from Ethiopia. One of the foundation strains of the Typica family, Geisha (or Gesha) is a low production-high quality bean that was brought over to South America in the 1930’s. However due to the length of time it took to fruit, it found itself out of favour as more bountiful and faster developing Arabica strains became more popular and profitable for the coffee farmers.

On a recent trip to our growing area in the highlands of Peru we rediscovered the Geisha coffee plants as they were growing abundantly, seemingly unaffected by the leaf rust that was affecting the production of the more common Arabica plants. There they stood, shining like a beacon, left uninhibited to flourish in the wilds of the Peruvian jungle.

IncaFé in collaboration with our growing partners in Peru are now developing its cultivation to ensure its survival as a prized coffee for many more years to come. It is a beautiful, complex coffee with sweet fruit and floral tones, great body and mouth fill and an amazing aftertaste.


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