IncaFé Coffee Subscription – Filter Ground

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About our coffee subscription:

  • BioGro Organic & Fairtrade certified coffee delivered FREE once a month
  • carboNZero from our growers to the coffee subscription box arriving at your doorstep
  • Flexible: pause, cancel or switch to another coffee subscription anytime
  • Easy & secure payment
  • No hidden surprises (just like our coffee)


Can I use this coffee for other brew methods?

Yes definitely! Chemex, Aeropress, Plunger, Stove top it will all work and taste delicious. We just wanted to keep it simple and call it filter ground.

When will I receive my order?

Your coffee subscription starts at the moment you activate your subscription. We will dispatch your order before 2pm the same day and your coffee will be delivered to your doorstep within one business day (North Island), two business days (South Island / Rural North Island), three business days (Rural South Island).

Can I cancel my coffee subscription anytime?

Yes! You can pause, cancel or switch from coffee subscription anytime. Via your IncaFé dashboard (Login / Register) button right on top you see the tab “My Subscriptions” here you can easily suspend or cancel your coffee subscription. You can also switch from roast and weight preference anytime. You are in control and we make sure you will not run out of your favourite roast. Having difficulties changing your subscription or you are not too tech savvy? You can always send us an email: if you need any assistance with suspending, cancelling or changing your coffee subscription.

Can I change the roast and weight of my coffee subscription?

You sure can! Simply go to your IncaFé portal (Login / Register) button right on top. Here you see the tab “subscriptions”. Open this tab and click the button “switch subscription” follow the steps and you have successfully changed the roast and / or weight of your coffee subscription.

Which roast should I pick?

Often, the journey is just as great as the destination. Select the “mix” option and receive all our IncaFé Organic Coffee signature roasts and discover your favourite. After that you can easily switch to that roast and if you cannot choose you might just as well receive a mix every month. Check out our IncaFé Organic Coffee blends description for an overview of our available roasts.

How do I know IncaFé Organic Coffee is organic?

That is a great question! In New Zealand organic is not a legally protected term and many things can be claimed “organic”. To assure the integrity of our coffee, all our coffees are certified by BioGro NZ, New Zealand’s largest organic certifier. This certification is also internationally recognised and proves that we source our beans from only organic certified producers. We only process 100% organic products, so there is no cross contamination in the roasting and packing process. Visit Biogro NZ for more information.

Is IncaFé Organic Coffee Fairtrade certified and why?

Yes! All IncaFé Organic Coffees are Fairtrade™ certified.

IncaFé Organic Coffee is founded on organic believes. We truly believe that the land, the people and the environment are all connected. For nature to work best and to create the best products, we need to respect the soil, the people and all that lives in it. Small organic coffee growers are mostly powerless in the price setting of their coffee. Small coffee farmers often create the best quality products with great effort and passion. They look after the environment and their land as they are most dependent on it. The global coffee prices do not provide a living wage for most small growers. Our direct relationships with our growers allow us to pay our coffee farmers more than the Fairtrade minimum. Paying our farmers living wages means that they will have the finance to see them through the whole year’s growing cycle and that they can focus on what they do best and loving doing most: producing superior organic coffee beans.  Read more about our coffee.

New Zealand's first carboNZero certified coffee roastery?

At IncaFé Organic Coffee we are committed to sustainability and believe a neutral emission footprint should be the norm for any business. Since 2008 our coffee sourcing, roasting and distribution process is carboNZero certified. With the help of Enviro-Mark we have been able to accurately measure our green house gas emissions and put strategies in place to significantly reduce the impact of these emissions. Any remaining emissions are offset with forestry projects in New Zealand. All our coffees are carboNZero certified from the green coffee in Lima to the freshly roasted coffee beans that arrive at your doorstep. Read our blog for more information.

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