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Coopchebi Cooperative, Peru

The Coopchebi Cooperative is situated in what is called the Forests of the Inca. It was rumoured that the last Inca king fled the Spanish conquistadores to these beautiful forests. These forests can be found in the heart of Chanchamayo, an area in central Peru just over the Andes where coffee growing started in the 1870s.

Peru is the world's largest Organic Arabica producer. Peruvian coffee beans grow at high altitudes and are known for their exceptional quality. The Peruvian Arabica that is produced by the Coopchebi Cooperative is no exception.

The full flavoured, nutritious, citric and smooth Arabica varieties are the perfect base and add that lively touch to our New Zealand famous Fiesta roast.

Kooperasi Permata Gayo, Central Aceh

Our Fiesta coffee is created with a rich blend of Sumatran and Peruvian Arabica. The Sumatran Arabica you find in our Fiesta coffee originates from the Kooperasi Permata Gayo in Central Aceh.

What started as a small Cooperative with only 50 members in 2006 grew into a large sustainable Cooperative with over 3000 members from 44 villages. The small scale coffee farmers grow Sumatran Arabica at high altitudes ranging between 1200 - 1600 meters above sea level.

IncaFé Organic Coffee loves to work with their balanced and bold bodied Catimor variety. This coffee grows at relatively high altitudes with plenty of shade resulting in a full bodied and toasty flavour profile but without the bitterness.