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Kooperasi Permata Gayo, Central Aceh

The bold bodied Catimor that you find in our Java coffee is sourced from the Permata Gayo Cooperative in central Aceh. The Cooperative was formed by 50 members in 2006 when many people where forced to return to their land after years of civil conflict and Tsunami. Awaiting assistance from the government and NGO's , the farmers worked towards Organic & Fairtrade certification. They received organic certification and fair trade certification from FLO-Cert in 2009.

Kooperasi Permata Gayo brought the full process of coffee production from farmer to final export under one roof. Resulting in higher quality coffee with better traceability.

Today the Permata Gayo Cooperative has more than 3000 members from 44 villages and have established a sustainbale model that is able to share more of the final coffee price with their farmers.