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Coopchebi Cooperative, Peru

Our Marin coffee is created with premium Arabica varieties sourced directly from the Coopchebi, Cooperative in Peru. To celebrate our established relationship with Coopchebi we decided to name this smooth single origin Arabica coffee after their front man Felix Marin.

In 1990 the predecessor of Coopchebi was the first grower’s group in Peru to export their own coffee directly in order to add value to their supply chain. They were one of the first coffee growers in Peru to become fully organic certified.

Today, Coopchebi specializes in the production of high-quality specialty coffee that is ideally suited to manual small-scale organic growing. Marin is created with a Blend of washed, semi washed & cherry dried coffee, mostly of the rich Caturra variety. The coffee is shade-grown at high altitudes in a bird friendly environment. When ripe the coffee is hand-picked, processed and shipped directly to our roastery in Taranaki, New Zealand.