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Coopchebi Cooperative, Peru

Coopchebi’s high altitude, shade-grown Peruvian Arabica varieties contribute to the smooth and lively flavour you find in our Forza roast. For this roast we used a blend of washed and natural Arabica varieties grown by small scale organic coffee farmers in Chanchamayo, Peru.

Chanchamayo is known for its forested plantations and is considered one of the prettiest coffee growing areas in the world. Birds, native trees and healthy nutrient-rich soil all contribute to full flavoured organic Arabica beans.

By blending these varieties with the bold bodied Robusta you get the best of both worlds. A strong coffee, full of flavour without the bitterness.

Plantrich Agri Tech, India

The fine and rare Robusta coffee beans you find in our Forza roast are grown in the Indian jungle at about 500 - 1000 meters above sea level. The whole supply chain is certified organic Fairtrade.

The coffee beans are of exceptional export-quality and grow in biodiverse ecosystems. The organic coffee beans are shade-grown on nutrient-rich soil and are processed using the highest standards.

The result, a smooth cup with the bold body you expect from Robusta. Forza is a unique coffee making those that like strong coffee very happy.