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Coopchebi Cooperative, Peru

The coffee plantations that grow the Caturra and Catuai varieties that you find in our Decaf can be found at 1500 - 1900 meters above sea level in Chanchamayo, Peru. The coffee is grown by the small coffee growers that are part of the Coopchebi Cooperative. Since 2006 we have worked closely with this cooperative and have even established a joint venture that focusses on reviving Peru's oldest coffee processing plant. Here we concentrate on commercialisation of specialty coffees which are ideally suited for the organic and labour intense plantations in Peru.

In 1990 the predecessor of Coopchebi was the first grower’s group in Peru to export their own coffee directly in order to add value to their supply chain. They were one of the first coffee growers in Peru to become fully organic certified. In tradition to Hector Marin’s philosophy Coopchebi’s growers accepted organic agriculture and looking after the environment as a social and moral responsibility.

Natural CO2 Process

Decaffeinated coffee has a bad reputation, usually for its metallic flavour. This is no surprise as most Decaf coffees are created with old coffee harvest and are decaffeinated with toxic methyline chloride. At IncaFé Organic Coffee however, we only use the highest quality Caturra and Catuai varieties, fresh harvest and sourced directly from our growers in Peru.

The coffee is decaffeinated with a natural CO2 process. Carbon dioxide is one of the most important compounds of our natural environment. It is in the air we breathe, our bodies produce it, it is the gas that makes fizzy drinks fizzy and by assimilation enables plants to grow. It is also a ... highly effective solvent for caffeine.

The Natural CO2 Decaffeination process uses liquid carbon dioxide to absorb the caffeine in the coffee beans. The CO2 selectively picks up caffeine in the beans and is then taken out the vessel into an evaporator. There it is evaporated and re-condensated so the caffeine is precipitated from the beans, then the CO-2 is pumped into the vessel again. This process is repeated until the caffeine level in the coffee is less than 0.03% and guarantees a high retention rate of components that contribute to flavour and aroma in the coffee beans.

Specific Characterisitic of the Natural CO2 Decaffeination process:

  • 1. The compounds responsible for flavour and aroma in the roasted coffee are left intact. Especially fine, high quality specialty coffees benefit by this fact.
  • 2. 100% Natural Process, absolutely no health risk involved.
  • 3. This process is 100% Organic and Kosher certified.
  • 4. A broad appeal that allows the roaster to offer a high quality 99.9% caffeine free "Decaf" that may even satisfy the most discriminating taste.