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Coopchebi Cooperative, Peru

Geisha is an original variety of Arabica with little genetic crossing. The alternate spelling of Geisha was created via marketing. Named after the area of Gesha, Ethiopia, where it was discovered in the early 1900's. Geisha was planted in the early 1950's as a rust resistant crop in predominantly Panama but also in Chanchamayo, Peru and possibly other parts of Central and South America.

It was in 2012 that the Coopchebi Cooperative on their most barren plantations discovered Geisha. The leaf rust wiped out most of the plantations which mostly consisted Typica and it was then that suddenly the Geisha was clearly visible, lush and green, not attacked by leaf rust and full of fruit.

The Coopchebi Cooperative now had the first generation seed of these hardy plants. What we did not realise is that there are 12 genotyps and only 3 are leaf rust resistant. Together with Coopchebi Cooperative we are cultivating this special coffee. We passionately roast this specialty coffee light-medium so you can taste the pure natural fruity flavour this coffee has to offer. Enjoy!