Toitū carbonzero certified Coffee Roastery

IncaFé Organic Coffee have been carboNZero certified, now Toitū carbonzero certified since 2008. With the support from Toitū Envirocare we have been able to accurately measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emission from port of loading the unroasted coffee beans until they arrive freshly roasted at your doorstep. Remaining CO2 emissions are offset with carbon credits. These credits are used to fund the reforestation of native trees in New Zealand.

Toitū Carbonzero Certified Roastery

Why do we need to aim for carbon neutrality?

On our mission to create the highest quality coffee for you to enjoy today and for many years to come we need to respect the environment, people, process and anything involved. We believe that any business should be sustainable in all ways and not put an unfair burden on the environment and farmers at origin, who are the least powerful in the supply chain and will be hit hardest by climate change.

Protected by and protecting trees

Being Toitū carbonzero certified means we have developed a Green House Gas emission management plan and set CO2 reduction targets. We measure and reduce our carbon emissions from port of loading the green coffee beans until they arrive freshly roasted at your doorstep.

The remaining emissions are offset with native reforestation projects in New Zealand. Over the last decade we have sequestered about 1481tCO2 by planting approximately 7000 native trees in New Zealand


Toitū Carbonzero Certified Roastery

Carbon neutral coffee, why not?

The growing awareness of climate change and the positive effects from offsetting your carbon emissions e.g. reforestation of native trees in New Zealand and creating a better eco-system for native wildlife should make any business like ours feel the urge to commit to a carbon neutral business model.

We hope you like the idea that a percentage of the money you spend on a bag of IncaFé Organic Coffee will be used to offset the emissions to source, roast and deliver our coffee to your doorstep and contribute to more biodiversity in New Zealand and coffee growing areas.

Toitū Carbonzero Certified Roastery

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