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We supply great organic coffee, you deliver immersive experiences

The journey of IncaFé Organic Coffee’s coffee from bush to cup is truly exciting. Each coffee bean gets hand-picked and travels from great heights via treacherous roads before it gets shipped to our roastery. It's a great journey and we believe the ultimate destination is the café environment where the freshly roasted coffee beans are converted into a delicious black or white coffee.

Coopchebi Coop, Peru

With exactly that philosophy in mind we set out on our journey in 2003 and opened a small café / coffee experience in Queenstown three years later we set up our current roastery in New Plymouth.

We've come a long way in the years since & today we're proud to work with some of the finest organic coffee producers, coffee businesses and equipment manufacturers to positively contribute to New Zealand's vibrant coffee culture.

Consistency is key

At IncaFé Organic Coffee we don't believe in lucky shots. We believe in a system that combines superior quality with consistency. This is the key to turn a customer into a returning customer. After being nearly fifteen years in pursuit of the perfect, consistent coffee we can now confidently say we kind of nailed it.

No matter if you have fifteen barista's on the payroll or you are riding solo we can assist with new machinery, second hand machinery or free loan machinery that will help you create amazing coffees with ultimate consistency.

Direct sourced coffee

We like to take things slow but with commitment. We slowly established strong relationships with small scale organic coffee growers. These growers like to grow their coffee slow, as this simply creates better coffee. We use a traditional drum roaster to slowly roast our coffee beans until they reach their optimum flavour profile. It might be a bit slow, but it's worth it.

We commit to source high volumes of specialty green coffee and pay our growers better than set Fairtrade market rates. This offers financial stability for them and for us it means we get the first pick. Resulting in a consistent supply of hand-picked, organic green coffee beans to roast and premium roasted coffee beans for you to brew.

All that's between your customer's flat white and the green coffee beans is a family owned coffee roastery along coastal New Plymouth, Taranaki.

We've got your back

Superior coffee beans become obsolete without a skilled barista. When you choose IncaFé Organic Coffee you choose a family that stands for quality in the widest sense of the word.

We will train you, inspire you and make sure you can keep on brewing coffee all day everyday.

So if you are looking for a partner and like to grow your coffee business whilst growing better coffee... let's talk. Hit the chat button at the bottom right, give us a call, send us an email or a handwritten postcard and tell us what we can do for you. It's free and without any obligations. Working with IncaFé Organic Coffee will not cost the earth, that's a promise.

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