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Is coffee good for you?

Posted by Joseph Verbeek on
Is coffee good for you?
Running IncaFé Organic Coffee I have to ask myself the question though if we are not peddling some harmful drug. I started drinking coffee when I was three. My mother would have made herself a coffee and whilst she was getting my sisters out of the door to school, I would drink half her cup. I probably have not been without coffee for more than 5 days since that age. I do feel it when not having coffee and always get to the point quickly thinking why even bother trying not to have a coffee. No offense, it is a matter of taste, but if there is only instant coffee around I can do without. Same as a chocaholic I can do without milk chocolate. So I can tell myself I am not totally addicted. As a student I would have strong black coffee before going to bed. Those days are gone and for me there is definitely a thing as too much caffeine. The caffeine half-life in your body is very variable depending on metabolism but can be 3-6 hours [before 50% is gone] and I assume as we get older the half-life time increases. That means that after 12 hours you still may have 25% of the caffeine in your system (0.5x 0.5). That is probably why naturally we seem to like our coffee mostly only in the morning. We all don't get enough sleep and there is no doubt that caffeine can affect the quality of sleep.  The industrial revolution was build on the widespread distribution of caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, to increase energy and concentration and there is plenty evidence it works, even as a sports drug. Black coffee helps to suppress snacking. Once you have drunk our Geisha coffee as filter coffee, you understand even better. The flavour lingers for hours. There are many medical studies around that seem to favour coffee in moderation as helping reducing the chance of neurological ailments and even cancers. There is a good chance of course that those studies were funded or promoted by the coffee industry in some way, so there is likely some bias as to how the study was set up to deliver the desired result or what is published. Nevertheless, I am naïve enough to think that coffee is pretty good overall, especially in our modern life style, and in very modest way adds to your overall health.  Many people could not do without and rather eat less than having to miss out on their coffee. It is nice and here to stay so we try to make it as good as possible for the consumer and as good as possible for the farmers and environment. We are convinced that organic coffee gives a much deeper flavour. In terms of health benefits being organic is probably only a minor advantage as we consume so little and almost always as an extract . Being organic is a huge advantage on the environment though, more than for any other staple crop. We also try to make the best organic decaf possible for those that are sensitive to caffeine and for those that like a late coffee or just want to minimise the intake of caffeine.

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