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Roasted Organic Coffee

Roasted in New Zealand’s first Toitū carbonzero certified roastery and packaged in compostable bags. IncaFé Organic Coffee is the ultimate blend of quality and sustainability. From the Peruvian Rainforests to the highlands of Western Sumatra, we direct source Gourmet Class organic coffee beans to create an exceptional range of coffees.

Ethically Sourced

It is our key driver to deliver you the best coffee and ensure that we create a sustainable business model that benefits our coffee farmers, the planet and any party involved in the coffee-making process. We direct source our coffee from small scale organic coffee growing communities and pay above set Fairtrade market rates. This ensures financial stability for our growers and a consistent premium supply of organic coffee beans with full traceability back to the farm.

Resulting in a nutritious full flavoured coffee with unparalleled quality consistency that can be enjoyed for many generations to come. Our full supply chain is Fairtrade and BioGro certified. These are industry standards that guarantee that our product is ethically sourced, free of chemicals and artificial pesticides – not just to local, but international standards.

Coopchebi Cooperative, Peru

The Coopchebi Cooperative is situated in what is called the Forests of the Inca. It was rumoured that the last Inca king fled the Spanish conquistadores to these beautiful forests. These forests can be found in the heart of Chanchamayo, an area in central Peru just over the Andes where coffee growing started in the 1870s.

In 1990 the predecessor of Coopchebi was the first grower’s group in Peru to export their own coffee directly in order to add value to their supply chain. They were one of the first coffee growers in Peru to become fully organic certified.

Today, Coopchebi specializes in the production of high-quality specialty coffee that is ideally suited to manual small-scale organic growing. The coffee is shade-grown at high altitudes in a bird friendly environment.

Kooperasi Permata Gayo, Central Aceh

The bold bodied Catimor that you find in our single origin Java coffee and Fiesta blend is sourced from the Permata Gayo Cooperative in central Aceh. The Cooperative was formed by 50 members in 2006 when many people were forced to return to their land after years of civil conflict and Tsunami. Awaiting assistance from the government and NGO's , the farmers worked towards Organic & Fairtrade certification. They received organic certification and fair trade certification from FLO-Cert in 2009.

Kooperasi Permata Gayo brought the full process of coffee production from farmer to final export under one roof. Resulting in higher quality coffee with better traceability.

Today the Permata Gayo Cooperative has more than 3000 members from 44 villages and have established a sustainable model that is able to share more of the final coffee price with their farmers.

Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Oromia

Oromia, also known as the birthplace of coffee. Oromia is known for its unique native vegetation and high diversity of native plant species. The Oromo people were the first to use coffee as a food in the beginning of the 5th century and as of today use coffee as food, drink, trade, spiritual nourishment and as a tool of peace-keeping.

The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union is a democratic member’s owned business operating under the principles of International Cooperative Alliance and Fair Trade. Members of Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union are small coffee farmers, processors and suppliers of high quality, organic Arabica coffee for direct export.

The Organic Fairtrade certified Cooperative Union pays 70% of its net profit back to the cooperatives and the cooperatives also pay 70% of their profit to the member farmers. Resulting in a healthy, sustainable Cooperative that yields superior quality Arabica varieties. Quality that has allowed our Habesha roast to be awarded New Zealand’s best coffee in 2013. Our recipe and commitment to quality and consistency has not changed since.

BioGro NZ Certified Organic Coffee

Being BioGro Certified means that our full supply chain from our growers to the roasted coffee beans that arrived at your doorstep is transparent.

Every coffee bean that you find in your bag of IncaFé Organic Coffee can be traced back to its origin. BioGro NZ audits the certification of our growers and visits us every year for an onsite audit (and a coffee) to carefully audit our comprehensive organic management plan.

BioGro NZ Certified Coffee is better than regular organic coffee because of its stringent standards.

Wholesale Coffee Supply

We know what it takes to grow a sustainable coffee business and would be glad to assist with your coffee side of business too. If you care about quality and everything involved in the creation of good coffee, then let’s work together. Be it a consistent supply of good coffee for your workplace or a reliable partner to grow your coffee empire, we can help you extend your product range by offering you the best organic fairtrade certified coffee.

Don't take our word for it.