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Coffee Dripper Stainless Steel 1-4 Cup - E&B Lab


Ultra-Fine stainless steel Dripper with the same shape of the cone filter, this is the E&B LAB freestanding cone Dripper, entirely made of stainless steel it can be used as a stand-alone or positioned on top of servers, cups or coffee stations. Thanks to the direct extraction, coffee does not get in contact with other material, allowing a better control on the extraction and on temperature.


TECHNICAL DETAILS Superior diameter: 145 mm Height: 95 mm Shape V60°

Filtration: Woven Wire Inox Membrane 3 supporting cylinder in A2 stainless steel

Lower support: Triangular shape Our stainless steel filter works well with a wide range of grind size. Its 35 micron filtration power also allows to use the same recipe as for paper filter.