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IncaFe Java 200g Beans


Java - Certified Organic Coffee from Peru and India

Due to global warming it is harder to source from our traditional supply in Sumatra. Months ago we had to switch to dark roasting some of our Peruvian and Indian coffees that gives a very similar profile as the original Sumatran coffee (originally a Javanese styled coffee). 

This mélange is distinctly different from our Forza in that it can be roasted darker giving a more toasty profile with a big body and little acidity.  

Sourced from India and Peru. The shade-grown Peru coffee is cultivated at 1600-1900 meters above sea level in Central Peru. The shade-grown Indian coffee is cultivated in Kerala at 800-1200 meters above sea level. 

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Country & Origin: Peru, India,
Variety: A mélange of rare cherry processed Arabica  with some washed Arabica topped off with some clean tasting washed robusta to develop the body. 
fRoast: Dark Roast
Roaster's notes: Espresso coffee with big body. Subtle dark chocolate aroma. Dark chocolate molasses flavour with cedar notes. Heavy toast aftertaste.