IncaFe Marin Estate 200g Beans | IncaFé Organic Coffee


IncaFe Marin Estate 200g Beans


Marin - Certified Organic Coffee from Peru.  

Specialty coffee from Chanchamayo and Quellouno, Peru. Shade-grown 1500-1900 meters above sea level, cultivated in rich soil and bird friendly plantations. Deliciously good for filter or plunger but also great for espresso

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Country of Origin: Peru
Variety: Blend of washed Typica, Bourbon and Catuai/Caturra, and cherry dried Catimor.
Roast: Medium Roast
Roaster's notes:  Coffee for any preparation. Strawberry, blossom aroma. Lively apricot, almond, cacao and vanilla flavours. Sweet, lingering aftertaste.